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Standard Exhaust Hood 60"

Standard Exhaust Hood 60"


This LYJ - REH-60-48D-24H - Exhaust Hood Regular 60" is perfect for your kitchen. Standard canopy hood is constructed of Stainless Steel and comes with internal make-up air or exhaust only. All models come standard with aluminum baffle filters, collars, hanging brackets, stainless steel grease trough and cup. All joints and seams are welded and are watertight. All exposed welds are ground and polished to original finish of the metals. Each unit is complete with a bank of underwriter's laboratories list baffles filter (25" x 20" x 2"). The latest ventilators are used in each LYJ hood. All other dimensions and/or custom styles are made to order.

  • Product Description

    Manufacturer:                                          LYJ                               
    Model:                 REH-60-48D-24H                
    Width:                 60"                
    Depth:                 48"                
    Height:                 24"                
    Filters:                 3                
    Gauge:                 18
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