Stainless Steel Tea Urn Cabinet 24x72

Stainless Steel Tea Urn Cabinet 24x72


Stainless Steel 24" x 72" Tea Urn Cabinet With 1" Lip Up on Three Sides and 1" Drain Outlet

The manufacturer lists this unit with the following features:

-   18 gauge stainless steel top With 1" Lip-Up on three sides

-   Top has a stainless steel tough pitched to a 1" drain outlet. Furnished with removable Louvered cover.

-   Body enclosed on three sides with 22Ga stainless steel

-   22Ga Stainless steel body and intermediate

-   36" Standard table height

-   Stainless steel shelf unit mounted on 6" x 1-5/8" OD

-   Stainless steel legs with 1" metal adjustable bullet feet

-   Sliding or swing doors are optional

-   NSF approved

Dimensions: 36"(h) x 24"(w) x 60"(l)

Weight: 160 lbs.

Model: TUT-72-24W

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