Stainless Steel Band Saw

Stainless Steel Band Saw


New design & all Stainless Steel. All of the internal metal parts including the upper wheel, lower wheel upper wheel hinge and the lower bearing housing are made with stainless steel. Electrical control system, it provides safety through dynamic braking and automatic overload protection.

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    Model:                 HLS-1650                
    Shipping Weight:                 92.5 lbs.                
    Dimensions:                 34.25" x 18.9" x 18.1"                
    Saw Wheel Length:                 65"                
    Saw Wheel Diameter:                 8.3"                
    Power:                 Electrical                
    Metal Type:                 Stainless Steel                
    Voltage:                 110V                
    Hertz:                 50/60Hz                
    Wattage:                 750W

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