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KITCHEN UTENSILS Manual Dough Divider

KITCHEN UTENSILS Manual Dough Divider

Width17 11/16 Inches
Depth17 11/16 Inches
Height39 3/8 Inches
Number of Portions30
Portion Weight1.1 - 3.5 Ounces
Power TypeManual
TypeDough Dividers


Save valuable time in the kitchen by using this manual 30-part dough divider to quickly and evenly portion up to 6.5 lb. of dough! Instead of dividing by hand, this unit will portion dough anywhere from 2.2 lb. to 6.5 lb., and it produces exact portion sizes from 1.1 ounces to 3.5 ounces.

The simple handle-operated design makes it easy to use and requires less maintenance than an automatic machine. Simply place a bulk of dough onto the tray and pull the divider's handle to evenly portion your dough for use in baked goods, rolls, and pizza!

  • Product Specifications

    Overall Dimensions:
    Left to Right: 17 11/16"
    Front to Back: 17 11/16"
    Height: 39 3/8"

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