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Grease Interceptor Trap 20 lbs. / 10 GPM


This PDI Grease Interceptor Trap 20 lb  LJ-20) Standard Unit connects to the kitchen sink. This item can be installed on the floor, partially in the floor or fully recessed. One piece baffle assembly. Cover is removable for easy cleaning. This unit's technology allows for acid resistant coated steel with Epoxy Gray Finish. Supplied with an external cast iron flow restrict or to allow water to flow through at appropriate rate. This item will prove to be a great investment, and over all you will be satisfied with the quality and price of this product.

  • Product Description

    Manufacturer:                           lyj                                        
    Model:                 LJ-20                
    Width:                 21"                
    Height:                 13"                
    Depth:                 16 1/2"                                      
    Flow Rate:                 10 GPM                
    Shipping Weight:                 90 lbs.                
    Stainless Steel:                 Corrosion-Resistant                
    Certification:                 PDI                
    Capacity:                 20 lbs.                
    Top to Center:                 3.5"                
    Base to Center:                 9.5"                
    Construction Material:                 Coated Steel                
    Gauge:                                                     11                
    Inlet & Outlet:                 2"