Globe GC512 12" Gear Driven Anodized Aluminum Slicer

Globe GC512 12" Gear Driven Anodized Aluminum Slicer


Mid range slicer

Anodized aluminum

Slicer base is heavy gauge anodized aluminum

Stain resistant, long lasting, and easy to clean

Stainless steel parts include the food chute, slicer table, knife cover, knife, slice deflector, motor cover, and removable product receiving tray

Power Indicator Light illuminates when the knife is rotating

Precision adjustment holds thickness setting for consistent cuts 0 to 7/8" thick

Top Mounted Sharpener is made of all metal and permanently mounted on the slicer

Large grinding and honing stones return a razor sharp edge to the knife

Unit/Measure1 EachProduct TypeWhole UnitWeight110 lbsShip ViaCommon CarrierHorsepower0.333 HP

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