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Curved High Deli Case 72"

Curved High Deli Case 72"


• Stainless Steel Floor and Air Flow Grille
• Double Curve Pane Glass Front
• Rear Sliding Doors Products
• Independent Wired Shelf Lights
• Defrost Timer System
• Holds 34°F ~40°F
• Self-contained System
• No Plumbing Required
• High-Density Polyurethane Foam Cell Insulation (CFC Free)

• ETL Sanitation Approval
• Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice
• Tempered glass is stronger and more durable than regular
glass. It is manufactured through thermal tempering
process under which the glass is first treated with heat
until it softens and then rapidly cooled. When a tempered
glass is subjected to force, it disintegrates into tiny blunt
pieces, which significantly reduce chances of serious
injury. This meets the qualifications of the UL safety code.
  • Product Description

    ERHD72 72X35X54 4 2 115 1/2 520
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