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beer cooler

beer cooler

68"w×28"d The Beverage-Air DD68C Commercial Beer Refrigerator features a stainless steel club top with sliding doors that provide top access to the interior. The club top model includes two epoxy-coated steel interior shelves for glass, bottle or can storage.

This commercial kegerator has a two-door design and holds three full size (1/2-barrel) kegs. The doors are self-closing and equipped with security locks. Forced air refrigeration keeps the beer in the kegs ice cold, while two 3" insulated chrome single-faucet towers offer two-product dispensing. The tower is adapted to have a continuous source of cold air channeled into it to keep beer at its coldest, best quality the moment it is poured.

The DD68C boasts a sturdy steel construction available in an attractive wear-resistant black vinyl or a stainless steel finish. The interior walls and ceiling are made of galvanized steel, and the reinforced floor and doorsill are heavy-duty stainless steel. CFC-free foamed-in-place polyurethane cabinet insulation helps to provide maximum operating efficiency as well as strengthen the overall construction. The stainless steel top provides a stable place for mugs and includes a drain line and drip trays. This kegerator is designed for built-in or freestanding use.
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