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American Range - Fryer, liquid propane, 65-75 lb. fat capacity

American Range - Fryer, liquid propane, 65-75 lb. fat capacity

Fryers are necessities of most restaurant kitchens.  For the most part, they're in use all day, every day, and need to be built to stand up to such a rigorous life.  American Range built this 65-75 lb oil capacity fryer to do exactly that.  It's extra deep for frying larger foods and constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, with a double layer stainless steel access door.  The baskets, which measure 17 X 8.25 X 6H, are made of chrome plated stainless steel for extra tolerance to heat, and they have cool grip plastic grip handles to help prevent that heat from affecting the operator's hands.  Beneath them is a mesh crumb screen to prevent most crumbs and debris from making their way to the drain.  The vessel has a front-slanting bottom and a 1-1/4" drain which enables oil to drain quickly, and a cool zone, which prevents trapped crumbs from carbonizing and keeps your oil fresh longer.  
The unit is thermostatically controlled, and that's good for you, because it maintains the stable temperature of the oil even as frozen products are added.  Having the highest BTUs in the industry ensures that your recovery time is the fastest.  This affords you more consistent cooking times, and produces crisp tasty fried foods cooked in hot oil rather than greasy fried foods cooked in warm oil.  It operates on a millivolt system, which means there's a standing pilot and no electrical service is needed.  There's also matchless ignition and a 100% safety shut-off valve if the maximum heat limit is reached, which reduces fire hazard.  The pressure regulator and ignition system are hermetically sealed, which means they're airtight, and this provides a more steady operation of your fryer.  The gas is connected to a 3/4" inlet in the rear of the unit.  The fryer rests on 6" legs with adjustable feet.  Casters are not included but are available as an option.
  • Product Description

    65-75 lb fryer

    • Millivolt system/standing pilot
    • Thermostatically controlled/Temperature range 200-400F
    • 160,000 BTU
    • AGA, CGA, NSF
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