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Add On Faucet Unit 12"


Add On Faucet Unit 12" [JSAD-004] is simple and classic in design. It has been constructed out of high quality steel. Made using advanced welding techniques, this sink faucet is a one-piece, seamless add on faucet unit with nob to release water.

  • specification

    Manufacturer:                                       LYJ                
    Model:                 JSAD-004                
    Style:                 Add On Faucet Unit                
    Height:                 12"                
    Compatible With:                

    Universal MFG Deck Mounted Pre-Rinse Faucet 4" [JSPS-13]

    Wall Mounted Pre-Rinse Faucet 8" [JSPS-33]

    Certificate:                 NSF                
    Material:                 Steel