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While three-compartment sinks are found behind almost every bar, those manufactured by Krowne Metal, like the 48" Three-Compartment Bar Sink - 2100 Series (21-43r) are preferred for their value and durability. This compartment sink is made from durable stainless steel and features coved horizontal and vertical corners for easy cleaning. The sink also sits on strong, tubular legs made from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and equipped with plastic bullet feet to protect your floors. Additionally, the sink comes furnished with a durable, deck-mounted faucet and a convenient drainboard on the right side of the sink that measures 12 inches wide. Elite Restaurant Equipment ensures that this product, 21-43L, is easy to install and use.



    Manufacturer:                           lyj                                                      
    Model:                 21-43r                
    DImensions (H x W x D):                 34.5" x 48" x 21"                
    Sink Bowl Dimensions:                 9.75" x 10" x 14"                
    Bowl Location:                 Right                
    Drainboard:                 Yes                
    Drainboard Dimensions:                 12"                
    Shipping Weight:                 55 lbs.                
    Metal Type:                 Stainless Steel                
    Leg Type:                 Galvanized Steel                
    Low Lead:                 Yes                
    Number of Compartments:                 3                
    Number of Drain Boards:                                                       1                
    Legs:                 Adjustable ABS Bullet Feet