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48"Steam Table - Gas

48"Steam Table - Gas


A steam table is a valuable addition to any restaurant or supermarket operation where serving and holding hot food at proper temperatures is must for customer satisfaction. Providing a variety of functions such as holding side dishes, preparing food for a large group or for general cafeteria use, a quality steam table is a necessary piece of equipment. This 48" 3 Well Steam Table (CWS-48) by Universal MFG will prove to be a great investment for your business.

  • Product Description

    Manufacturer:                           L &J                
    Model:                 CWS-48                
    Width:                 48"                
    Height:                 36"                
    Depth:                 32"                                      
    Burner(s):                 1                
    Shipping Weight:                 311 lbs.                
    Leg Type:                 6" Adjustable                
    FeatureA:                 Stainless Steel Wells & Body                
    FeatureB:                 Compatible with "Hotel" Pans                
    Energy Source:                 Gas                
    Option:                 Safety Valve                
    BTU:                 20,000                
    Wells:                 3                
    Full Size Pan Capacity:                 3                
    1/2 Size Pan Capacity:                 6                
    1/3 Size Pan Capacity:                 9                
    1/4 Size Pan Capacity:                 12                
    1/6 Size Pan Capacity:                 18
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