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36" Gas Flat Top Griddle - 3 Burners

36" Gas Flat Top Griddle - 3 Burners


A large variety of business operations from supermarket to diner operations rely on a counter top griddle. The 36" Gas Countertop Commercial Griddle (Universal MFG JS-3618) is perfect for all of you applications and more. This is hands down the best investment for a concession business. Begin serving eggs, burgers, steaks and much more now! This model has been designed for medium-heavy duty cooking for limited breakfast, lunch or dinner menus. It features a durable 3/4" steel cooking surface. This units exterior is stainless-steel.

  • Product Specifications

    Manufacturer:                                                           lyj                                          
    Model:                 JS-3618                
    Width:                 36"                
    Height:                 13"                
    Depth:                 29"                                      
    Energy:                 Propane or Gas                
    Shipping Weight:                 300 lbs.                
    Burners:                 3                
    FeatureA:                 Stainless Steel Exterior                
    Surfice:                 Flat Top                
    Energy Source:                 Gas                
    Certification:                 NSF                
    Griddle Plate Thickness                 3/4"                
    Splash Guards:                 Stainless Steel                
    BTUs:                 60,000    
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