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35 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine, Gas

35 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine, Gas


(RPCU) Southwood RG7 35 Chicken Commercial Rotisserie Oven Machine, Gas

The RG7 Commercial Rotisserie is a 7 Spit, 35 Chicken Commercial Chicken BBQ Machine featuring heavy duty 430 Series steel construction, high BTU burners with ceramic bricks. Each motorized spit runs independently in either direction with on/off switch, allowing you to cook a full or partial batch as needed. The drip drawer allows for simple disposal of drippings, and will hold water for added humidity. All unit come ready to use with ceramic bricks and 7 spits with skewers. Cook time or a 3.5lb bird is approxmately 50 minutes

  • product specs

    Brand Southwood
    For more info visit Southwood site
    Model # RG7
    Condition New
    Width 39.5 (add 6" spit handles)
    Depth 22
    Height 70.5 (add 6" casters)
    # of Burners 3
    BTU 50,000 per burner
    Volts 110
    Hz 60
    Watts 100
    Amps 8
    # of Chickens 35
    # of Spits 7
    Warranty Southwood 1 year, 3 Year
  • Description

    Built To Last

    The Southwood RG series gas rotisseries are built from heavy duty 430 Series stainless steel for durability.  Indepenent motors for each spit allow individual spit control when cooking. Indepenent motors alls mean if a motor goes down the rest of the spits will keep moving. All units come with a 3 year motor warranty and replacement takes 15 minutes. Compare this to more expensive machine that run on a large single motor and the choice is clear

    Other Features: 

    • Heavy Duty 1/4" Thick Tempered Glass Standard
    • Lighting behind tempered glass for excellent product merchandising
    • Individual gas and motor controls allow you to run at any capacity
    • Large drip pan for dripping and/or adding water for humidity
    • Replaceable motor and switches behind easily accessible control panel


    • 1/2" Gas regulator (a gas regulator will be required for use)
    • BK Resources safety quick disconnect kit
    • Heavy Duty Casters (set of 4, 2 lockable) 

    VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS: Gas units will require a hood or cone/flu ventilation. Applications may vary depending on your particular setup.

    Due to its fragile nature, glass is not covered under the manufacturer warranty. We recommend having at least one replacement glass door on site. 

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