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24X24 - 30" One Compartment Sink - NSF Certified

24X24 - 30" One Compartment Sink - NSF Certified


LJ NSF Sink 30" One Compartment S/S [LJ2424-1] is simple and classic in design. It has been constructed out of high quality 304 stainless steel and has galvanized legs. Made using advanced welding techniques, this sink is a one-piece, seamless sink unit with weld that blends into the surrounding surface for a clean look and easier cleaning. This sink stands at a 36" working height, and will prove to be a great investment for your food service establishment.

  • specification

    Manufacturer:                                                  LYJ                                         
    Model:                 LJ2424-1                
    Inside Width:                 24"                
    Inside Length:                 24"                                      
    Dimensions (L x W x D):                 29" x 30" x 14"                
    Drain:                 3.5"                
    Shipping Weight:                 95 lbs.                
    Stainless Steel:                 16 Gauge                
    Leg Type:                 Galvanized Steel                
    Faucet Included:                 No                
    Number of Compartments:                 1                
    Faucet Mount Type:                 Wall-Mounted                
    Number of Drain Boards:                 0                
    Legs:                 Adjustable ABS Bullet Feet
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