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18'' Food Warmer Display Case - Double Shelf - Gray

18'' Food Warmer Display Case - Double Shelf - Gray


Skyfood FWD2-18G 18'' Food Warmer Display Case - Double Shelf - Gray

18 1/2 inch W x 14 3/8 inch D x 17 1/2 inch H, Food Warmer Display Case

  • product specs

    Brand Skyfood
    Sku FWD2-18G
    Condition New
    # of Shelves x # of Trays 2 x 6
    Width (in.) 18 1/2
    Depth (in.) 14 3/8
    Height (in.) 17 1/2"
  • Description

    Food Warmer Display Case - Gray


    This Skymsen Food Warmer Display Case is the perfect solution for convenience stores, diners, and small restaurants that want to add an enticing food display to your front counter. This 120 V food warmer keeps your bear claws, pastries, and hot dogs at the optimum temperature throughout your business hours and keeps them fresh all day long. This unit is also thermostat controlled, so you can be sure that the interior will be the temperature that you want it to be. This Display Case looks good sitting on the counter. Its curved front, tempered glass gives customers a large window onto your products. Let your wares do the talking, not your display case. Its anodized aluminum exterior is both sturdy and easy to clean, while its stainless steel interior is the perfectly safe surface for foodstuffs. This unit features one shelf and one bottom case, three pans on each shelf, and two sliding doors in the back


    • Double shelf
    • Dry heating
    • Curved tempered glass
    • Back tempered glass sliding doors
    • Thermostatically controlled to keep food warm and fresh
    • Available in two different colors: red and blue
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